Recommended links – recumbent bike, trikes and human powered vehicle (HPV) related.

Bikes – Conventional (road bikes leave me cold so these are only mountain bike links)

Fisher Bikes – with two in the garage this link better be here.
The one that gets the miles put on it is a 2001 Sugar 4. I keep the adjustable air suspension set on the firm side, for efficiency, but it is still supple enough to absorb potholes and the like without drama.
The newest bike is a
2003 Sugar 3+, which is gorgeous, has adjustable travel front and rear and soaks up bumps like a dream, but I’m keeping it pristine for now and may sell it; I just don’t do enough rough stuff to warrant the extra travel.

Mongoose Bikes – Got me started on full-suspension bikes; we still have 2 in the family.

Montague – sturdy folding mountain bikes "as used in Desert Storm". Buy this Hummer and you’ll guzzle no gas.

Mountain Bike Clubs & Trail Advocacy – Mainly Bay Area mountain bike clubs into riding and trail advocacy .

Ode – "I’m not a "mountain biker", I just like to ride one.


Bikes – Recumbent (includes trikes)

Recumbent Cyclist News - if you need an explanation for this one, I can’t help you!

Lowfat – Good looking recumbent no longer available – unfortunately, the designer/builder passed away.

Ligfietsen – Dutch recumbent manufacturer, claims to have "the fastest recumbent" out there. See next item:

M5 Ligfiet – if this isn’t the sexiest application of carbon fiber you have ever seen, tell me what is!

Ground Hugger XR2 – OK, this maybe THIS is the sexiest application, and you can build it yourself, as witnessed here.

Kettwiesel - 3-wheel LWB recumbent. No low-speed stability problems here.

HPVelotchnik Grasshopper – full-suspension recumbent from a competent-looking European manufacturer

Angletech Cycles - they make their own recumbents, including custom ones for the physically challenged.

Varna – make a variety of faired bicycles, hand cranked record breaking trikes etc.

Rqriley plans – page has plans for many vehicles, as well as a jet engine you can build yourself.


3-4-wheeled HPVs (and other oddballs)

Crank-It - 4-wheelin’ under human power, but Robin Williams may be the only person able to afford one.

Animas - another 4-wheeled HPV/ATV.

Velomobiel – Recumbent trikes with full fairings. Click on the Union Jack emblem to get English text.

APAX Vehicle Development – A tricycle that can traverse steps? If you have a high speed connection, check out the video.

AVD Pupnet – Sophisticated HPV application in Antwerp.


General link

IHPVA - HPV source listing in all its varied forms – bikes, boats etc.

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