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Ouch! – Real moves that you NEVER want to repeat at home. Humorous only if you’re not squeamish and not "starring" in the movie.

Political cartoons – this one is Iraq-related but this will get you into various categories.

Pushcart's Complete Rotten Reviews & Rejections - a sample list of rejection letters and less-than-sparkling reviews given to some very famous authors.

Rush Limbaugh Awards – be sure to check out the one to Dr. Laura – Contains some "Adult" language.
This site claims that the open letter to Dr. Laura was penned by a US resident, J. Kent Ashcraft, and posted on the Internet.
People who take every word in their Bibles literally should NOT open
this link but should instead go to the makes you think page where there are a couple of good Bible text sources.

The Valley Citizen – They don’t intend to be funny, in fact many of the articles are thought-provoking, its just that some of the thoughts that get provoked are not what the authors intended.

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