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"I enjoy hearing all sides of an argument, even the sides I don’t agree with"
"sometimes hearing the arguments against my viewpoint, reinforces my reasons for supporting it"

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AltNet has some different perspectives, try: Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002 or The 10 Worst Corporations of 2003*

*One "worst" company, Haliburton is charged with gouging for gas (petrol) deliveries in Iraq. According to a full-page rebuttal taken out by the company chairman, the premium charges were essentially hazard pay for following on the heels of the invading/liberating army. To highlight the very real risks involved, he offered condolences to the families of those Haliburton drivers killed in the undertaking. Thought for the day - how much would YOU charge to drive one a tanker truck into Baghdad, a week after it was occupied or, if you are an insurance company, what premium would YOU charge on a $100,000 truck driving that route?

Another "worst" company is Safeway, for seeking chargebacks from striking workers for their health coverage. Let’s say you’re a company paying $500/month per employee for health coverage. Lets say that employee goes on strike for 4 months but you continue to pay their health coverage? Are you entitled to charge them back $2,000?

Bougainville – UN hypocrisy, the rape of big business, or just the Golden Rule in action? How would you feel if YOU lived there? Its an interesting tale which, given their own struggle for independence from imperialist England, should resonate in the US.

Skyhen – where would you put this one on your left-right meter?



Acronym Finder – "comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. 332,000+ definitions!"

Health CentralMedical site of KGO talk radio Dr. Dean Edell. (Caution – may be a bit slow to load)., recipient of more than 30 awards and honors including "Best Reference Site" from,
and a "Top 100 Web Site" from PC Magazine.


16-Diamond Puzzle – A Math teacher’s favorite. (see also Simpsonmath).

BLOGS – Root Blogs is an on-line forum covering just about anything.
"Q: What is a blog? A: "Blog" is short for "Weblog," which is a type of website, often an online journal or diary."

Bruce Schneier – A leading computer security aspect. Wrote the "Solitaire Encryption" appendix in Cryptonomicon.

Demotivation – Thoughtful alternative to all those gung-ho posters.

Inventions – In case you are feeling creative. Found while researching Christmas traditions, which led to snowman inventions. - "The Simpsons" and Math????


Stallman, Richard. - If you like to sign petitions…..on various topics.

Slade, Neil - self-styled brain guru may amuse or amaze you, may just be out to lunch. Go on – suppress the reptilian and click your amygdala forward!


 ON-LINE MEDIA – (May have hard copy output too).

Babel Magazine – "A literary, political and philosophical online magazine".

Christian Science Monitor - Alternative news source – discovered via this Windmill article (also appears in the lookelook solar section).

Gene Expression – Interesting Blog Site

Industry Week – Manufacturing magazine. Seeking, in this well written article, to start a dialog on government intervention.

Mother Jones – if any of this stuff is true, we’re in trouble. I believe we’re in trouble!

National Review – Not sure of the political leaning but it has interesting articles, including the one on Bougainville (that I filed under "politics").

Thomas Regional – Has well-written articles on a surprising range of topics. "Industrial market Trends" newsletters are informative – sign up for free subscription. – Online magazine with bias towards technology news, even though it . Also has a dedicated technology section.



Contra Costa Times –East Bay newspaper. San Francisco Chronicle – Bay Area newspaper.

Valley Citizen – a local conservative magazine that usually provokes a lively debate in our household.
We find some of the contributors entertaining, which is why the same link appears in the humor section, but Gordon Blake seems pretty principled, and knowledgeable on constitutional issues, so at least check him out.

Dilbert – Scott Adams – local boy makes good……..Doonesbury – Political and social satire.


CONVENTIONAL MEDIA – NEWSPAPERS – ENGLISH (Note: Registration often needed to get beyond headlines)

Guardian Independent (Daily) Mail (Daily) Mirror Observer The Sun Telegraph Times 

You know how the Americans think that all British people love pets and royalty, drink only tea and drive on the wrong side of the road?
…..well the English, (not to mention the Japanese, Thais, Australians etc.) know it is really the Americans who drive on the wrong side of the road and
here is an example of
how the English see the US



TV - ABC – Bay Area, CNN – News Radio - Radio Listing – "Mark Time’s" Bay Area radio summary, (not sure how current).

KGO – A.M. 810 - "Newstalk" radio. Generally middle-of-the-road talk radio with news and "traffic on the 8’s". Our default car station.

KSFO - A.M. 560 – The other "Newstalk" radio – A mix of the opinionated, (Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh etc.) and "interesting", (Art Bell etc.).

Dr. Laura – OK, she may be listed in the humor section, and exposed as a bit of a hypocrite, but she does make some good points, once in a while.



NASA Mars Lander – Mars Exploration Rover mission, includes link to live pictures and video (unless overwhelmed by demand).



Bible Gateway – Biblical text search etc.

Blue Letter Bible – Another Biblical text search. Includes commentaries by a number of notables including Sir Isaac Newton.
Challenge: Can anyone can condense Sir Isaac’s
analysis "Of the eleventh horn of Daniel’s fourth Beast" into half a page that I can understand?

Theology Web – How about, if you’re into theology


POLITICS – It would be nice to trust these guys but, frankly, that’s a bit optimistic. Let me know if you think this is cynicism or realism.

Bougainville – The Little Island that Roared. The Golden Rule in action. is a non-partisan government information portal designed to simplify the search for the best and most relevant government information online.

Government Information Awareness - Think that your vote makes a differnence? Well, HOPE that it does but, just in case money speaks louder than votes, look here to see where your representative gets their backing.

Open Secrets - Another place to follow the money.

Terrorism Research Center, Inc. – an independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism……and "gray-area phenomena"????


BOOKS (Recent Reads – Mainly fiction)

Cryptonomicon – Fascinating (fictional) tour-de-force about code-breakers, and their exploits, from WWII to present day. By Neal Stephenson.

Da Vinci Code – Interesting perpsective on how history gets re-written to suit the winners, but, may not be as fact-based as claimed.


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