Recommended links – engineering related.

Eng-Tips – Engineering chat forum. Highly recommended. (Note: Site was down or VERY sluggish 11/29/03).

Design News – Arguably the BEST mechanical engineering magazine. Think Mr. Rogers to Machine Design’s frenetic Sesame Street.

Electronic News – Great electronics industry online magazine, updated daily. Site is "open", or sign up for daily news reports.

Machine Design – The other mechanical engineering magazine.

Lambeck’s Laws* – by Raymond P. Lambeck - This article appeared as a series in the Jan. 6, 20, and Feb.6 Machine Design magazine, a Penton Media Inc. publication and is sent to with the permission of Machine Design. Raymond P. Lambeck (retired) was director of engineering for pumps, motors, and transmissions for Sperry Vickers, a major manufacturer of hydraulic equipment based in Troy, MI. *a.k.a."They Don't Teach It in School"

Product Design & Development – Online version of large, pictorial format product showcase magazine.

Thomas Regional Directory – Well-known business source finder.
Registration may be skipped, but then you miss out on their excellent,
and surprisingly readable electronic newsletter "Industrial Market Trends".

Zinio – Magazines available in electronic form, (both trade and consumer).
Works pretty well if you have a fast internet connection, fast computer, big screen, and some patience!


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