Recommended links – ecology-related:

Eco-Living – I’ve corresponded a couple of times with John Schinnerer - MA, Whole Systems Design
…………………………….Cultural & Ecological Designing. People - Place - Learning – Integration.
(Found his site while browsing recumbent bikes, which seem to appeal to those less fettered by the bounds of convention).

 Alternative Energy – I have enough links on solar, alone, to warrant a separate page due to a job-related search.
When it comes to harnessing other "free" natural energies, that would otherwise go to waste, there is wind, water, (wave, tide, hydro-electric and good old water mills), plus geo-thermal.

Alternative fuels like hydrogen, ethanol, methanol etc. may warrant some attention, but I don’t see moving the source of pollution from one area to another as an ideal solution. For example, re-charging a "zero emission" electric vehicle using hydro-electric energy makes sense in a way that using power from a coal-fired, sulphur-emitting power plant never can. - Awesome Danish wind power site - lots of info.


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