at computer (related):

AdAware – searches out and removes most advertisement programs that deposit unwanted programs on your hard drive. By LavaSoft.

JavaScript Source – has a bunch of free applets including the one used for the following eyes, assuming this is now working.

Google – Search engine. If you know of a better one, please let me know.

Traceroute - Find out the internet routes and ping times from various places.

Spybot Seek & Destroy – finds more than AdAware but may find too much, (i.e. useful or vital stuff) so
read EACH synopsis and verify EACH line item before going ahead and deleting anything.

Note: Both AdAware and Spybot were discovered via the following web page, (, while getting rid of Brilliant Digital Entertainment.

What time is it? (in England) – SLOW LINK!!! Forget that digital rubbish, in England, (the land of royalty), Big Ben is king!
Note that this webcam cycles to different sites so you may have to wait a while.

GMT – a.k.a. "Zulu Time" – OK, so you HAVE to have the time in all its digital glory….this is ACCURATE TO THE SECOND.


Press F11, to maximize the viewing area, then click on anything blue/underlined
to see where this voyage of discovery takes you.